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The scope bases and rings held up well, and they were easy to tighten to the proper torque. Although there were rumours that Česká zbrojovka had also designed a magazine version, it had not featured in the offer. For those in the latter group, your wish has come true. And for some, the longitudinal groove in the middle of the mounting rails may even improve results. The catch is on the front wall of the trigger guard, well protected yet easily accessible. There is no need to discuss the cold forged barrels in length; they have long been significantly contributing to the respected accuracy of CZ rifles. Its models are built of the same carbon-fiber material used in wind turbines. One look at the CZ-USA 557 American and American Synthetic bolt-action rifles is enough to convince anybody these modern sporters were obviously designed by people who know a few things about hunting and shooting.. From butt to muzzle, there are many features American hunters want, and none they don’t need. CZ 557 Range Rifle – a universal rifle from Uherský Brod. Despite its impressive history with dangerous game cartridges, the 550 was also chambered for popular cartridges like the .270 Win. There's also a wood-stocked carbine version with iron sights, and it retails for slightly more than the walnut sporter. The soft, black recoil pad made the CZ 557 in 6.5x55 a pleasure to shoot, and I left the bench feeling confident the gun was field-ready. However, the trigger mechanism is designed in such a way that after appropriate adjustments, it behaves as a single action mechanism. This makes them great for target shooting and long-range hunting. Without it we would have done it. In contrast, the new 557 was from the beginning designed to use the latest manufacturing processes, led by the use of modern mill-turn machining centres. And while there's nothing particularly new about the CZ 557's dual front lug design with a short extractor and plunger ejector, it's an important first for CZ and perhaps a more popular CZ option for American hunters. The 550 was a modified version of the Mauser 98, so the basic design concept was already in place. It’s still in CZ’s catalog, with the addition of the new the push-feed 557. The 550 featured a full-length claw extractor and blade ejector and was sturdy enough to house cartridges such as the hulking .505 Gibbs. The CZ 557's action is smooth and slick, and it's plain to see the fingerprint of CZ's updated CNC machining on the metalwork in this rifle. Really good triggers are so light and clean it's easy to be surprised by the trigger break, and the new CZ 557 has just such a unit. to . It is locked into the receiver by two symmetrical locking lugs. David Fortier talks with Jeff Hoffman of Black Hills Ammunition about the evolution of the .308 Win. The bolt is locked in the receiver via a blade at the rear, and the blade must be depressed to release the bolt. Action screws are supported 9/16-inch pillars, and the CZ 557's barrel is free-floated. "We have always had a great product with our controlled-round-feed big game rifles, and they have deservedly earned a very dedicated following among our customers," says CZ-USA's Jason Morton. I really think that Jeff Cooper would really like the CZ 557 Range Rifle and I am sure he certainly would have forgiven those few extra millimetres and grams, which separate it from his ideal – the Scout Rifle. It was supposed to be a .308 Win. Originally envisioned by Col. Jeff Cooper in the 80s, the Scout rifle concept was meant as “one rifle for all purpose” and works great as a survival rifle of sorts. Although I didn't test the walnut-stocked version, the ones I've seen have good wood and a straight, American-style comb. The pistol grip is also wide enough to provide a stable grip on the gun without crowding fingers, and it's long enough to comfortably grip while shooting even if you have large hands. Feeding, extraction and ejection were flawless in the rifle I tested, something Morton says was a top priority before the CZ 557 rolled out. Handguns, shotguns, and rifles from CZ of all stripes, from plain to fancy, and in all price ranges provide something for just about any shooter, and their inherent quality and value are well known. and .30-06. The topic of rifles belonging to the Scout Rifle category has recently come to the fore because of a tender for the rearmament of the Canadian Rangers. The CZ 557 is a new rifle platform for the company, because it's a departure from the Mauser-style bolt found on CZ 550 guns. It is a wonderful thing, for which you do not need a double set trigger. This rifle scope, in particular, incorporates a 4-16x magnification range and 42mm objective lens. This change also marks a major step forward in the development of CZ as a rifle company. Match bullet. Česká zbrojovka calls the CZ 557 Range Rifle model “a rifle for a real man” and combines it with a photo of a tough guy. The lacquered beech stock of American type has two pins on the bottom part of the forend, one is used for attaching a bipod and the other for a loop to attach the sling. The range will resume normal operating hours on 7/18. In turn, the foundation of a solid rifle is there. Those looking to explore precision rifle shooting without going broke will be well served by Daniel Defense's new Delta 5. Full results are shown the accompanying table. The compactness of the Range Rifle is, if a little surprisingly, amplified by a new element in the form of a long Weaver mounting rail (Picatinny Rail), mounted on the top of the receiver. Best groups came from a clean, cold barrel, which was not surprising considering ambient temperature on the range was nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (As already pointed out, much depends on the properties of the particular blank.) 175 Gr. |   The most obvious and most basic change is the action itself. Reportedly, the Uherský Brod model did extremely well in this tender. The CZ 557 is a mid-range hunting rifle so these updates make it appealing to buyers looking for something that’s budget-friendly without going totally entry-level. ©2021 Outdoor Sportsman Group. Contact Form P.O. "We chose not to go there. The barrel of the CZ 557 is cold-hammer-forged and factory-lapped, just like the barrel on the 550s. Match, Delta 5 - Daniel Defense's New Precision Bolt Action Rifle. "The accuracy potential is greater due to a couple of reasons, the extractor only being one. This allows for smooth bolt operation and enhanced ejection of spent brass. CZ stands for Ceská Zbrojovka.The company headquarters are based in Uhersky Brod, a small town in the Czech Republic. Like Steyr, Ruger and Tika, it appears that CZ from Czech Republic have also joined the foray into producing a Scout rifle. SHOPPING Custom Venom 308 Sniper Rifle And Cz 557 Range Rifle In 308 Win Custom Venom 308 Sniper Rifle And Cz 557 Range Rifle In 308 Win Reviews : Get best Custom Venom 308 Sniper Rifle And Cz 557 Range Rifle In 308 Win With Quality. It is short, relatively lightweight and durable, of high performance and with great fire capacity. The current version of the 557, of which there are quite a few on the market now, is between 1,042 mm and 1,083 mm in length overall, with the barrel being 520 mm. The lack of CRF makes it nice for single loading by hand, but aside from that it is very hard to argue with the Mauser action. Box 171073 Kansas City, KS 66117 Monday-Friday 9am-4pm Central 800-955-4486 CZ suggests that the push feed system makes the gun easier to hand load. The bolt is locked in the receiver via a blade at the rear, and the blade must be depressed to release the bolt. It features tight tolerances and a smooth, clean finish on the internal parts. Tom Beckstrand and Neal Emery of Hornady highlight the 6MM Creedmoor ammo. It is short, relatively lightweight and durable, of high performance and with great fire capacity. Only a bit more embellished with some tried and tested elements of the discarded Lee-Enfields. lb. Last but certainly not least in today's market, the CZ 557 offers a considerable cost savings over the 550 that we pass on to the consumer.". EOTech Factory Tour in Ann Arbor, Michigan, CZ 550 Hunter “Ursus arctos” .300WM Engraved, Outdoor Lover’s Gifting—Bass Pro Shops Christmas Sale Cuts Prices in Half, Prepper Protection Guns/Calibers to Avoid, CZ 457 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle Officially Unveiled, Using The Off Season To Stockpile Survival Gear. Additionally, the rail also has viewing apertures. In Uherský Brod, the new model CZ 557, created by extensively modernizing the popular CZ 550 series, was chosen as the starting point. Away from the bench there are much better picks imo. Up until now, the basis was a two-position safety without a bolt block. A regular customer would probably not have noticed, but in many ways, because of the technologies, the company was hampered. The author takes stock of rimfire rifles he's known and loved. The exterior of the stock is a carbon fiber shell, and the interior incorporates light or heavy fill as needed to ensure proper rigidity without excess weight. It has already been mentioned here. The real test comes at the range when you're punching holes in targets. The 550s and the 557s share just some structural and functional principles and several minor parts. The magazine – mentioned so far just briefly. All versions also have a fully adjustable trigger mechanism (with the resistance adjustable in the range of 10 to 22 N). To sum it up, I am back at my initial thought. Therefore the user does not have to rely on CZ assemblies only and can choose from a substantially wider selection of the optical or electronic sights. CZ 557 Varmint Description Building on the incredibly precise 557 short action, the Varmint model adds a stout 25.6″ barrel in a heavy profile that tapers to a 0.863″ muzzle. The rear of the receiver is enclosed, with a prominent cocking indicator sporting a red ring that juts out directly from the rear of the bolt shroud when the gun is ready to fire. We apologize for the inconvienance. And hope I am a section of helping you to get a far better product. The CZ 557's push-feed design was built from the ground-up by CZ's engineering team. I’ve used the 550 afield on moose and goat hunts. Do Technology Apps Defer Real Hunting Skills? Nevertheless, I hope that this reviews about it Cz 557 Range Rifle And Francis Marion Rifle Range will always be useful. It is a weapon belonging to the working tool category. A good example is the Range Rifle model, which began to be created according to the requirements by the Canadian Rangers. Another safety feature is the indicator in the form of the rear end of the firing pin, which protrudes from the bolt head when the bolt is cocked. But it's not going to fall out unless you want it to, which is a good thing. Nevertheless, shooters with a weaker constitution will not regret it, because a shot fired from a .308 is not easy. GO. The CZ Model 557 was a very accurate rifle with nearly every load we tried in it. Many of the products that Nikon makes are generally good for just about everything. Subscriber Services. Price Range $ to $ GO. You will have a review and expertise form here. I mounted a Trijicon Accupoint 3-9X on the rifle and used three different 140-grain 6.5x55 loads: Winchester soft point, Fusion bonded and Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBonds. One minor difference between the wood and composite stocks is the relation of their combs to the bore axis. lb. The new 6.5 PRC chambering makes the Mossberg Patriot Predator one of the most versatile big... Springfield Armory is jumping into the hunting rifle market with a full line of rifles, and... Give a Gift   The 557 is equipped with a fully adjustable trigger mechanism and uses a technologically simple method of attaching the barrel into the receiver, which has a positive effect on high accuracy. The rifle I tested was chambered in the light-recoiling 6.5x55 Swede, an old but versatile round that's been the top choice of Scandinavian moose hunters over the last century. Some will lament the CZ 557's lack of a full-length claw extractor, but I think offering a push-feed gun at a reasonable price with all these features is a good move. Cold-hammer forged and factory lapped barrel (20-inches), rugged push-feed action, fully adjustable trigger … the whole nine yards. In fact, the changes were so significant that a completely new model has been created. The Scout rifle has once again had a resurgence as of late, and has come into discussion again with the Canadian Rangers rifle program in 2017 requesting for a Scout type rifle in 308 Win and a magazine holding 10 rounds. This particularly applied to the barrel, whose length of 520 mm is a well calculated optimum. Thanks to its sophisticated design and technology, the CZ 557 is not only easier and faster to produce, but can also be easily and quickly adapted to market needs. The rifle's bluing is bright and even, and it fared well during range handling. Which Light Bowgun Can Use What Ammo And Cz 557 Range Rifle Review IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR LOW PRICES PRODUCTS, FIND IN OUR STORE.Which Light Bowgun Can Use What Ammo And Cz 557 Range Rifle Review BY Which Light Bowgun Can Use What Ammo And Cz 557 Range Rifle Review in Articles Which Light Bowgun Can Use What Ammo And Cz 557 Range Rifle Review Reviews … All models incorporate a CZ premium cold-hammer-forged, factory-lapped barrel. It has to be lightweight, have backup iron sights, chambered in 308 Win caliber, and feature a detachable magazine for quicker reload. cal. Some versions are equipped with mechanical sights and all allow the attachment of a scope onto a 19 mm dovetail groove on the receiver bridges. Measuring a trigger pull tells only half the story, though. The Nosler ammunition produced the best group of the day (0.80 inch), and the Fusion load brought the most consistency with each group measuring between 1.18 and 1.24 inches. The Manners stock has a top line-profile that is parallel to the axis of the bore, a feature Morton says makes it more comfortable to shoot from a prone position. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. Supporters of the Scout Rifle concept no doubt sing their thanks to this tender, since because of it, several new models have been created and tested, which Jeff Cooper would have definitely approved of. rifle with a total length of up to one meter and weighing less than 3 kg, capable of repeatedly hitting a target the size of a human figure up to 450 meters using mechanical sights. If you are interested, perhaps you should contact CZ USA and express your interest in purchasing one. The tolerances are tighter because the 557s are built on new CNC machinery. The 557 Range Rifle features a two-stage trigger for precise firing, iron sights for quick and intuitive aiming, and a Weaver rail for mounting optics. The Cz557 Ranger Rifle from Česká zbrojovka was originally built to compete for the Canadian contract, but found new life in the civilian world after the results had been awarded. Even then it only just met the requirement for weight, because the 3 kg he aspired for is still a pretty big hurdle for a .308 capable of the required accuracy. Taking this into account, it was clear that the criteria required by Cooper – incidentally, once the standard for infantry weapons intended for combat in trenches – was an unachievable goal. The CZ 557 utilizes an internal box magazine with a hinged floorplate with the release located on the leading edge of the trigger guard. Here is a long description off CZ Europe’s product page. It is similar with the weight. This isn’t an updated version of CZ’s older Model 550. It is a weapon belonging to the working tool category. The CZ 557 features a light, crisp, clean trigger that breaks at a measured 3.5 pounds on the rifle I tested. £853. Česká zbrojovka calls the CZ 557 Range Rifle model “a rifle for a real man” and combines it with a photo of a tough guy. It is cold-hammer-forged, and is rifled with a 1:16" right-hand twist. Please contact or visit our retail stores for ammo and accessory prices and availability. Announced in 1958, the .264 and .338 Winchester magnums hit the market in 1959 amid one of the... Rifle Shooter Digital Staff - April 11, 2019. Do consider using the services of a specialist workshop, because the CZ 557 trigger can be set really “sharply”. The rifle felt solid and smooth, from the safety to the trigger and the bolt. This rifle is intended for use in bad weather and impenetrable terrain, and in this configuration there is no risk of the bolt being inadvertently opened when you push your way through dense undergrowth. If you searching to evaluate Cz 557 Range Rifle Review And Hard Case For Long Range Rifle price. The 550's set trigger allowed shooters to push the trigger forward to reduce trigger pull, changing it from kind of heavy to extremely light. This means you have the option to read your magazine on most popular phones and tablets. I think the Manners was a good synthetic choice. The first few times I pulled the bolt out I wrestled with the system, but it doesn't take long to get the hang of the release mechanism, and by the end of two days of testing I could drop the bolt without looking at it. And here we have a closer look at the double stack magazine and its iron sights that are visible even with the factory scope base in place. It’s valued for its positive controlled round feed, claw extraction and bombproof Mauser-like action. This feature has been tried and tested and it really is no problem. The first real factory-made Scout Rifle was not created until the second half of the 1990s, and it came with the emergence of a new generation of modern materials and technologies. Among them is a brand new rifle from Uherský Brod.

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