Queue Club


Congratulations! You are now in the queue to a new life! Where to begin? Here is a basic list of items you can start checking off before you get your new inventory!

Things to do:

  1. Create a Gmail Email Account – LuLaRoeFirstLast@gmail.com
  2. Open a separate LulaRoe checking account
  3. Create an Instagram AccountRemember that your social media name should always be @lularoeFirstNameLastName  
  4. Write out Return Policy
  5. Decide your Shipping Cost
  6. Procure Shipping Supplies
  7. Decide if you are going to create a legal business entity
  8. Decide how you are going to photograph your inventory
  9. Create a Facebook Business PageRemember that your social media names should always be LuLaRoe FirstName LastName
  10. Create a Facebook VIP/Shopping Group pageWhile your public name should be LuLaRoe FirstName LastName, your closed Facebook Group may be called what you would like
  11. Get launch party date on the calendar
  12. Have Pop Ups, events, parties on the calendar so that once inventory comes you’re ready to work your business

Things to buy:

  1. Racks & Hanger
  2. Business Cards