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How to be a Great In Home Hostess

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I order the inventory to share with the hostesses’ invited friends and family and provide the hostess with her materials for a successful event. I will create a public Facebook event (private by request) where you can invite your friends. It is helpful to have your friends join this event because I will be providing information about LuLaRoe Nancy Owen.




  • Invite as many friends and family as possible (minimum of 50!)


Add them to the event and send them a personal message telling them why you love LuLaRoe and why they might too! Ask their permission to add them to the shopping group at



  • Get your friends EXCITED and CURIOUS about LuLaRoe! Post selfies of yourself in the clothing. Helping them figure out sizing and styles they would love. Be encouraging, everyone loves to feel beautiful!


  • During the event, share with your guests items that you think they will love.





FREE CLOTHES! For every 10 pieces purchased during your event, you get one free piece of your choice (except for Amelias and Sarahs – those are $20 each). So the more people you invite, and the more people you encourage to participate, the better your rewards. If a guest agrees to host a party (online or in-person), you will receive 50% per item per party scheduled.

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The Final Answer on ‘Where are those leggings made?’

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I get this question a lot because few months ago, customers were finding that some leggings coming out of Vietnam were cut smaller. This was a problem for a very short while and now this problem has been fixed! Yay! However, people have become sensitive to variations in the leggings which is going to happen due to their handmade nature.


Here is an article with more information!

Though this articles talks about cutting variation, there is going to be other variations causes such as the person sewing it! Just know that each pair is made with care and brings you closer to comfort.


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Sharing your URLs

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Here is a tip on how to easily remember and share your Facebook page, group, checkout link or any URL you reuse over and over again.

Here are two examples of what I use it for:

So it takes a LONG URL and shortens it to one that works better for communications. Checkout this video below to see how it works:



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Your Shipping Policy

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When deciding your shipping policy, there are a few factors to consider when deciding what works best for you!

How are you going to ship?

I use for my shipping at home. It is great though the price of $15.99 a month is not negligible. However, I feel like I pay for the convenience.  I have not personally compared this product to other similar services but I have used reliably in the past and my sponsor loves it and I had to make a quick decision on a solution!

With, I can print my labels at home using my existing printer on sticker paper I purchased from  It works for now. I have heard great things about the thermoprinter that I have heard is SO much easier to print with but at the current price tag, I am going to wait a little bit.

Some people I know use and with the thermoprinter, can batch print! How easy would that be? Research for another day!

How much are you going to charge for shipping?

What is your shipping policy going to be? How much are you going to charge? For my group, I have decided to charge $6 shipping across the board.  One main reason is simplicity. No matter what they order, it is $6.  You can ship priority almost anywhere in a Tyvek Priority mailer or Priority bubble mailer for around $6.  If you use USPS, those shipping materials are FREE.  Here is a good list of service comparisons:

Keep in mind, shipping first class can sometimes cost more than shipping priority even for one item! Some of those quilted Amelias weigh more than a pound!
Shipping Supplies

If you choose to ship priority, you can order your materials here for free:

Order them in the largest quantity you can and order them often. Sometimes it takes time for them to get to  your door so you want to plan accordingly.

I only use the Tyvek and Bubble Mailers as they are waterproof. Do not use the flat cardboard envelopes. They are not waterproof and I have had items delivered to my door almost completely open because cardboard can and will rip!

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Racks and Hangers and Such

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There are so many decisions you have to make when it’s time to start getting your supplies while you are in the queue!  I am sure there are a LOT of great products out here but here is what I use and why.


I made the mistake of getting racks from Amazon right away because I did not have time to research. My time in the queue was very short so my things were on there way very very quickly and you cannot say no to Amazon Prime! Amazon rarely lets me down.  I figured I would start with racks that gave me more bang for my buck.  Double racks seemed like the thing to do!

This rack has been great but it only works for items like shirts and short skirts.  It is a great price for what it is with the one major downside that it is not very portable.

I have to admit I am not in love with this rack. It is very very sturdy. However, the two racks are very close together and with regular sized hangers, they bang into each other. It causes me to have to not be able to fill the racks fully and one row has to be askew to allow for space of the other hangers. It might work very well for kids hangers.

I quickly realized that these racks were NOT enough space! I saw these cheap white double racks that were on clearance at Target for $15.00 and it was definitely a case of, you get what you pay for.  So cheap and barely made it a month holding my stuff.

I did not know how to tackle moving my stuff at all and that was not a factor in my rack purchasing decisions.  When the white Target racks failed me, I had to make a decision on what to do next and I found these fold-able racks at Store Supply. I love this website. The shipping may be pricey for these kinds of items but for the most part I have received items next day! It is great.

Here are the racks:


These racks are perfect for what I need them for. They are sturdy, affordable, portable and adjustable. They fold up very quickly and easily but be careful, I have hit my head a couple of times while doing that but I am very accident prone.  The end caps pull out for even more display space! They also adjust up and down two stops for different options. I take 5 of these with me to my in-home pop-ups and it holds what I need it to! One thing I have noticed about these racks is they have a metallic oily smell to them.  The smell on mine has gone away now but for a while, it was quite strong!


I actually ordered super cute teal and pink velvet hangers from Amazon but that was before I realized  that Costco has 50 black velvet covered hangers for ten dollars! Now you never know when Costco is going to have items in so I bought a ton and now I am about to run out.  I also bought some kids’ hangers because there are some items like the XXS Nicole all the kids items that do not fit on a regular hanger without damaging the item.


And Such

If you are planning on taking your inventory ANYWHERE, you have to get the the Frakta IKEA bags. They are the best!


They are affordable and you can move your items on their hangers. It makes  setting up and breaking down go much easier. Check out this video on how to use them.

These bags can also be purchased on Amazon!

I am not saying these are the best options out there but it is what I have and continue to use! I would love to hear products you like to use for racks and hangers and such!



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How to be a Good Facebook Hostess

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Do you like free stuff? I mean who does not like free stuff? It is pretty easy to earn free clothes through being a hostess in my Facebook group with the incentives I offer! For each 10 items sold, you receive a free item of your choosing with the exception of the Amelia or Sarah, which you can choose instead for $20.  I think that is a pretty good deal! On top of that, if one of your friends chooses to be a hostess for a future party, you will get an item for 50% off.


What’s the catch? There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you have a successful party. So, time for some math. Think about how many items you would like to get for free. Is it 5? Well then you need to sell 50 items! How do you accomplish that? Here is where to start:

  1. Invite as many people as you think would be interested to the party! MINIMUM of 50 people!!! The more the merrier. If you are not sure if they would love purchasing LuLaRoe,  message them and ask for permission to add them to the group.
  2. Get your friends excited and curious about LuLaRoe. If they are new to LuLaRoe, send them a note about why you love it! If they are familiar with our lovely brand, encourage them to try a new style! Be encouraging, everyone loves to feel beautiful.
  3. Hype up your event as it gets closer, share it on your Facebook wall, or tag friends in the shopping group. During the event, tag your friends on items that they might be interested in. You know their favorite colors, their styles and their interests. Be their cheerleader!
  4. Educate your friends that they need to tag you on their purchases for you to get credit. Take note on who is purchasing during your party. Feel free to tag yourself if your friend forgets!

A friendly reminder:  you are only to earn credit for purchases made during the party who are there upon your invitation. I have many repeat customers that will shop your party but those sales do not count towards your party nor should you ask them to give you credit for the purchase.

Once the party is over, enjoy your free clothes! You earned them! Want to earn even more of a discount? For each party booked by someone you invited to the event, you will get an additional item at 50% off!

The more you share your event, the more successful it will be! Here are some great idea on how to share your party:

  1. Post the graphic I share with you on your personal Facebook page announcing the party.
  2. Invite friends via text, messenger or email. Remember that I have a way for you to shop without Facebook. Ask me for the link when the party starts! You can easily email the link to your friends who do not have a Facebook account.
  3. Share pictures of yourself in LuLaRoe! Show them what they are missing out on!
  4. Tag your friends on party day in the Facebook group on how to shop in the group! I will be posting information day of the party so people can ask questions.
  5. Remind your friends as the party get closer!
  6. Share funny LuLaRoe memes!


Once you receive your invitation, please share it with your friends via Facebook message or email.  Your message could look something like this.


I am excited to invite you to a LuLaRoe Facebook party.  Please join me and Nancy Owen in her Facebook group on <add date and time here> at  She will be sharing her whole inventory with us that evening for us to shop!

Are you new to LuLaRoe? Now is a great time to check it out and find out what all the buzz is about!  Find out more information here:

During the party, while shopping, be sure to use my name when shopping! Mark items as “Sold #yourname” and check out through the link in the description using my name in the claiming process.

<add  personal message here>


You can also choose to add your friends directly to the Facebook group and follow up with them why you are doing so! The more shoppers you ad, the more items you can get credit for and the more items you get to take home FREE! A good number to get added to the group is around 50 or more!


If your friends and family have questions, please have them ask! Here are the styles I carry:



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My LuLaRoe Start!

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Thank you for joining me on my LuLaRoe journey! I started this awesome venture not to long ago and I wanted to share it with you. Why? Because it is just too good to NOT share!

I often jump into things without thinking about them, especially if I get that feeling. Do you know that feeling? The one that just tells you what to do. The one that just sort of nags at you when you are trying to think of anything BUT it. The one that just seems right. I got that feeling.  And it did not even take long for me to get it. My friend just said to me, “I just got the SOFTEST leggings!”. She was so excited about it, she had to share it with me and she added me to this Facebook group. Shopping on Facebook was not new to me. I have had some fun with Facebook jewelry shopping and I saw the potential of these leggings immediately. I just KNEW it was something that I had to try out! I was sort of looking for something different to do and so I did it.

So here I am, a few weeks into this journey and I finally can breath for a second.  And I took that breathe long enough to throw up a website so I can write about it and share it because I want this empowerment to go further than my basement desk.

So welcome, I will be writing about fun things that happen, things that I try out to help with my job, and much more!